What makes a photo special?

What makes a photo special?  I mean, anyone can take a picture, right?  Why is it that some pictures captivate us, while others do not? 

In my opinion, it simply comes down to how we perceive it.  Sometimes we simply love the subject, like pictures of our children laughing or playing. Sometimes it is the composition itself that draws our attention and sparks our imagination. 

When an image is captured, time itself is frozen.  This is why a picture can spark in us very detailed memories.   Our photos are evidence of change in our own lives.  I often hear people say, "remember when" or "I had almost forgotten about this" when looking through an old photo album. 

Someone has said, "we only regret the pictures we haven't taken."  In many ways, I find that to be profoundly true.  I would love to have more pictures of childhood friends and the places we used to go.  I wish I had taken more pictures of ordinary, everyday activities, because as time passes, these ordinary things pass as well.

So take pictures.  Take lots and lots of pictures.  You will rob time of it's ability to make a moment disappear.